Who we are

We are FUNDIGEX, the Spanish Export Association for the Metal Casting Industry, which objective is to promote the exports and the internationalization of the Spanish companies in the Foundry Sector.

What we offer

We represent the entire value chain of the Metal Casting Industry.  Our partners can manufacture any part towards any sector, in any molding system and material.

Why us

Our vast experience, commitment to sustainability and the new tendencies in digitalization and Smart Industry set us apart from other suppliers.

Your reliable European Foundry

The foundries

Eduardo Pérez


We offer aluminum sand casting parts, from raw to fully machined, painted and tested. We manufacture parts from 1 lb to 1,000 lb. with a capacity of 10,000 ton/yr. in our 10 acres’ site, est. 2008.  Sectors: Trucks, Energy, Agriculture, Engine, Vacuum…

Iñaki Hernández


Betsaide SAL is an established SG iron casting foundry (DISAMATIC molding) that supplies reference customers from the automotive sector (car and truck) as well as from the agricultural industry with finished parts (1,102 to 33,069 lb) medium/large series.

Roman Veclici


FAED Steel Casting is a steel foundry with capacity from 220 -35,000 lb, specialized in small series. We provide superior quality steel and stainless castings directly to OEMs in Europe, CIS and Asia.

Igor Olagüe


We are a BRONZE FOUNDRY founded in 1958, devoted exclusively to CENTRIFUGAL casting of bronze and heavy-duty brass.

We are specialized in the CUSTOMIZED MANUFACTURING, under client’s requirement.

Arnau Solé


At Funosa we are specialized in the design and manufacturing of cast-iron parts in both spheroidal and laminar graphite iron for medium and large series. Our customers are world leader equipment and mechanical system companies in a wide range of sectors.

Iñigo Abando


FUNSAN offers a complete solution in foundry technology for laminar and nodular iron, for the automotive sector (draw, cutting dies) and machine tool sector (machine beds), including pattern manufacturing and machining service.

Eneko Barrena


Hot chamber die casting in zinc (zamak), magnesium and lead alloys. Parts up to 5.51 lb in zamak or 1.32 lb in magnesium. Able to deliver finished parts, including machining, coating (paint, chrome, etc.).  Certified ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2020.